Tuesday, October 23, 2012

World Polio Day - Battle Against Polio

Polio - a serious disease that can negatively affect the health of a child and makes him physically challenged. But you can save your child from this chronic disease. If your child is vaccinated for polio, his/her rest of life won’t be threatened by polio. Every year several polio campaigns are held worldwide to give the children oral polio vaccine.

World Polio Day is an effort to eradicate polio completely from the world. With the great efforts, now polio is on verge of an end. But if the disease is not completed eradicated, it can affect more than 10 million children worldwide in coming 40 years. World Polio Day spreads awareness across the globe about the worse consequences of polio, which can paralyze a child.

World Polio Day 2012

Polio eradication partners from every corner of the world will be marking 24 October as World Polio Day. They take an opportunity to eradicate the poliovirus in the remaining endemic countries such as Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. The cause is powered by the World Health Assembly and implemented through national emergency programs.

Why is polio vaccination important?

One might think what is the need of the polio vaccination? You will be surprised to know that polio is highly contagious and polio virus can be easily transmitted. If polio-affected child travels to polio-free country, polio can reoccur in that country and again children will be at higher risk of polio.

So whenever campaigns for polio vaccinations are held, take your child for the oral polio vaccinations. Just few drops - and you can save your child from being paralyzed.

Polio is preventable disease; don’t let your child be paralysed. World Polio Day is a critical step to encourage the people to protect children from polio - by getting them polio vaccination.

medecure urges to give your child polio vaccination so that he is protected against polio for rest of his life.  If your child is less than 5 years, take your child to the polio booth for the vaccination.


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