Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why Visiting an Eye Specialist is necessary?

Why visit an eye specialist when my vision is proper? This is the common statement which we all make at different point of time in our lives. Not only for eye specialty rather any doctor for any specialty. We all have heard that prevention is better than cure a million times but this saying has remained confined only to books. We have failed to implement them in real life as far as health care is concerned. Until and unless our condition deteriorates to worse only then we consider going for a consultation with the doctor. We even become doctors ourselves and start taking self medication which many a times prove fatal.

Eye exams are not only for those who have poor vision rather they are a very important and precautionary measure to detect certain eye infections and diseases even before the symptoms show up. Many of you might not even know that an ophthalmologist just by looking at your eyes would be able to tell you that you might suffer from diabetes. This is just an example of diabetes; there are various health problems which could be detected through a simple eye examination.

This Oct 13, 2012 world over would be celebrated as World Sight Day. Various NGOs would be running eye camps which would be offering free eye checking service and even free consultation session with the ophthalmologist. But our callous attitude would stop us from going there. Medecure urges all the people to shun such thoughts and get your eyes checked.

If you miss such free eye check up camps, do not hesitate to visit an eye doctor. Such sessions would prove to be fruitful and even if there is some problem you along with your ophthalmologist would be able to control and eliminate it well before time. Now when you have understood the importance of such eye tests you could make other people aware as well. Spread the word and contribute to the welfare of the society. Make this society a better place to live.

Medecure prays to the almighty that all stay healthy and blessed!!


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