Monday, September 10, 2012

Say Yes to Life and No to Suicide!

Medecure since its inception has been a firm believer that this world is meant to be lived and that too without any illness or disease. Every year 10th September is celebrated worldwide as World Suicide Prevention day. But here one thing comes to my mind that what is the need for celebrating such a day? Is the suicide figures so alarming? To my and your surprise suicide is the 13th leading cause of deaths worldwide. As per WHO reports, every year around 3000 people commit suicide which comes to a suicide every 40 seconds. The statistics is indeed shocking!!!

What we believe is that everyone loves life then what happens that people end up their lives. Depression, suffering from any deadly disease or disorder, repeated failure in love or career, a feeling of guilt is believed to be some of the reasons. A person who decides to end up his lives develops a feeling that he is a burden on others and if he ends up his life; he would free those loved ones from sufferings and pain. But what he fails to understand that his loved ones love him, they care for him and it would do more harm than good if he ends up his life abruptly.

Medecure calls upon to shun all such beliefs and ideas and love this life. When you do not have any control over giving life then who gives you the authority to end it up on your own. Come this 10th September and take a pledge that we would say yes to life and no to suicide!!!


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