Monday, September 24, 2012

Facts you should know about Rabies

Rabies is a global disease and every year around 55000 deaths of humans and animals are reported worldwide.
  • The virus of rabies affects the central nervous system, causes swelling of the brain and if untreated could result in convulsions and respiratory failure and eventually death
  • The virus enters the body through the bite of infected animals. Lyssavirus rabies is the virus responsible for rabies spread
  • Saliva of infected animal also increases the risk for contracting rabies
  • Though dogs are the main carrier of the deadly disease other animals like bats, foxes, skunks, raccoons, wolves might transfer the virus as well
  • High risk groups are veterinarians, animal caretakers, and to some extent laboratory workers working or researching on rabies. Travellers visiting areas for extended periods where rabies is prevalent are also at high risk. It is advisable that they get rabies shot before visiting such areas.
  • Some common symptoms and signs in humans are : itching or pin like pricking feeling in the infected area followed with fever, headache, anxiety, drooling, delirium, convulsions, hallucinations, insomnia, muscle spasms, swallowing difficulty, numbness or tingling in the infected area
  • Some common symptoms in animals: full or partial paralysis, strange behaviour, eating non food items, experience loss of appetite, change in voice, restless or aggressive
  • 12 to 48 hours ; this should be the ideal treatment time for a person exposed to rabies for best outcome
  • Treatment for rabies involves vaccination and administration for rabies immune globulin.
  • After receiving the first vaccine shot, the next should be give on third, seven, and 14 and if required after 28 days of getting the first shot.
  • Though completely preventable, if one does not receive complete or incomplete treatment, he would surely die because of the failure of the central nervous system
  • Rabies could be prevented with timely government run animal vaccination and by avoiding contact with rabid animals
Medecure urges you all to take these facts seriously and take every step to educate and make people aware about this deadly disease.


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