Friday, February 22, 2013

Diagnose diabetes at the right time

Diabetes is a chronic disease, and if left untreated, can become life threatening. Diabetes symptoms are subtle and may appear harmless in the beginning. Many times people don’t even realize that they are suffering from diabetes, and that is why it gets diagnosed very late, by when, it has already progressed to an advanced stage. 

There are many sure-shot symptoms of diabetes. When you experience any one or all of the below mentioned symptoms, it is advisable to get your blood sugar level checked. Consult a diabetologist as early as possible and diagnose the disease to arrest it in the early stages itself. The most common symptoms of diabetes are:

  • Frequent urination: When a person is suffering from diabetes, the body is not able to break down the glucose in the blood. As a result, the person ends up urinating frequently to get rid of the excessive glucose in the body. This is one of the most exact way of realizing that one has diabetes.
  • Weight loss: When a person is suffering from diabetes, his body loses the capacity to retain glucose. As a result, the cells cannot receive proper nutrition for their growth. That is the reason why a diabetic person loses weight at a rapid speed. If one has been losing weight without any changes in the lifestyle, it is better to consult a diabetology doctor.
  • Fatigue: Getting tired with even minimal physical work is one of the signs of diabetes. The cells of a diabetic person are unable to proper nutrition and that is why a diabetic person gets tired easily. 
  • Dehydration: This is a result of frequent urination, which leaves the diabetic person thirsty. This may also lead to dehydration. 

Treat Diabetes the right way

Diabetology is a branch of endocrinology. It is the medical science dedicated to the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diabetes mellitus. Until today, there is no cure for diabetes. However, a diabetologist can control this disease from advancing with proper medication. Diabetes can lead to other health problems like kidney failure, heart diseases, and even blindness.

Consulting a diabetology doctor is important to treat diabetes the right way. Mumbai and Navi Mumbai offers a lot of option in terms of good diabetologists. From planning a proper diet to regulating the intake on insulin, Diabetologist in Mumbai can guide you for treating diabetes correctly. Even diabetologist in Navi Mumbai are professional and skilled for treating all sorts of diabetic disorders.


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