Thursday, June 28, 2012

Role of Cardiac Surgeon

Cardiac Surgeon is a medical specialist who performs the surgery on the heart or the great vessels.   They diagnose heart issues and disorders by using the medical equipments. By reading electrocardiographs and studying diagnostic images, cardiac surgeon identifies the problem in heart and accordingly performs the cardiac surgery. They also perform surgery on the blood vessels in the body.  Healthcare Specialists in cardiology helps the patients post-recovery such as provide diet chart and prescribes the medicines.

Several cardiac surgeries are performed to survive your heart by diagnosing the heart problems and diseases. Cardiac surgery helps the patient to improve the quality of live and improve the chances of survival by treating the ailing heart. Cardiac Surgeon performs the cardiac surgery to :

  • Widen the narrowed or blocked arteries to the heart
  • Replace the diseased heart valve with healthy valve
  • Treat aneurysms in the aorta
  • Destroy some tissues that interrupt the electrical flow through the heart
  • Implant devices (cardiac pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter defibrillator) to regulate heart rhythms
  • Make channels in the heart muscle and allow blood from a heart chamber directly into the heart muscle
  • Replace the diseases or damaged heart with a healthy heart from donor ( Heart Transplantation )
  • Surgical treatment of artery problems

The cardiac surgeon performs several types of cardiac surgeries to repair the damaged heart caused by disease or disorders of the cardiovascular system. They perform operations such as coronary artery bypass, heart valve repair and replacement, transmyocardial revascularization (TMR), aneurysm repair, heart transplantation, angioplasty, and cardiomyplasty.

Cardiac surgeon performs the cardiac surgery like heart transplantation, angioplasty, bypass surgery etc. for the survival of patient’s heart. They also help patients post-recovery by prescribing medicines such as pain killers and giving diet chart plan.


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